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Why You Shouldn’t Be Nervous to Attend Arizona

Building Community as a New Student

Starting college is a major life milestone, so it’s understandable if you have some butterflies. But you aren’t the first (or last) student to feel this way. Meet Evan, a Wildcat who wants to help ease any nerves you might have about attending the University of Arizona.

ǿƵ Evan Wood

Major: Gender and Women’s Studies

Graduating in: 2024

From: Gilbert, Arizona

Evan chose the University of Arizona because it offered big-school opportunities with the tight-knit community of a small school. When it came time to come to campus as a new student, Evan felt a mix of nerves along with excitement.

Rather than letting anxiety take over, Evan used the experience to bond with peers.

“We shared experiences about how we were all so nervous about coming here and realized there was nothing for us to be nervous about because this is a new chapter and a new adventure in our lives,” Evan said.

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As an , Evan now uses past experiences to welcome new Wildcats to campus and lessen their fears. So if you’re feeling worried about starting at Arizona, there’s one thing Evan wants you to know: you’re not the only one.

“You are not alone in feeling nervous,” Evan said. “Every single person that I know – myself included – was all having those nerves that first year.”

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